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Author: Abundant Life Christian Bookstore   Date Posted:19 August 2017 

Abundant Life Christian Bookstore as it is known today, began as a vision in the heart of the Pastor of Good Shepherd Baptist Church around 7 years ago in 2010 where at the time a book ministry was established at the church for those attending services and to cater for those doing courses at Good Shepherd Bible Institute. However, it was the heart of the Pastor for this ministry to grow and to be made available to the wider community of Albany Creek and its surrounds.

From its humble beginnings, the ministry developed and grew from one folding table at the back of the church operated every Sunday morning and evening, to two tables and then three.

As time progressed it became very apparent that the ministry was outgrowing its location and was moved in 2014 with new fixtures and fittings into the Connection Cafe adjacent to the churches main auditorium.

The store at this time (2015) was given the name Books & Gifts which later was changed to Books & Gifts Christian Bookstore - A Ministry of Good Shepherd Baptist Church, then in July of 2018 it was decided to rename the bookstore to its permanent name Abundant Life Christian Bookstore - A Ministry of Good Shepherd Baptist Church.  

Abundant Life Christian Bookstore is a continually growing ministry of Good Shepherd Baptist Church (Independant) and provides a friendly welcoming envronment for anyone to come in and browse through the range of merchandise available. While in store customers are welcome to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits while you browse.

Looking forward to being of service to you.

God Bless You