Today's Book Of The Day!! - "The Tinderbox"

Author: Jeuel Pavitt  Date Posted:19 October 2020 

Award Winning and New York Times Best Selling Author Beverly Lewis is a master story teller. Her fiction novels have sold millions of copies all over the world. Her ability to weave wonderful stories about the Amish comes from a God given talent and from her childhood when she lived near Lancaster County Amish farmland.

This book "The Tinderbox" will captivate your imagination as you are drawn into the story of "eighteen year old Sylvia Miller as she finds her father's tinderbox left unlocked. And against her better Judgement she opens it."


Description: I've marveled at Dat's ability to accept the Old Ways so readily, considering his modern upbringing. Mamma says it's like he was born to be Amish. Maybe so, but all the same, I wished I knew something more about his past. With her parents' twentieth anniversary approaching, eighteen-year-old Sylvia Miller finds her father's cherished brass tinderbox left unlocked. Against her better judgment, Sylvia opens the heirloom, not realizing that what she is about to discover will splinter apart her happy life and alter everything for her close-knit Old Order Amish family. As the long-kept secret emerges into the light of day, can the Millers find a way forward through the turmoil to a place of forgiveness?

- Publisher

About The Author: Beverly Lewis (, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, has more than 17 million books in print. Her stories have been published in 12 languages and have regularly appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the New York Times and USA Today. Beverly and her husband, David, live in Colorado, where they enjoy hiking, biking, making music, and spending time with their family.

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Wonderful Book!

By: on 19 October 2020
Anyone who enjoys reading Amish fiction novels will love this book by Beverly Lewis. It is filled with intrigue, suspense and drama yet tells the beautiful story of forgiveness. I would give this book a rating of 4.9 out of 5 and would highly recommend it as a must have.

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